How Huttoft Village Hall was formed

On January 9th 1938 a public meeting was held at Huttoft Primary School, 68 people attended & it was agreed a company named Huttoft Central Hall Ltd would be formed and shares would be issued @ £5 a share and this money was used to build the hall.

Mr John Kemp offered a piece of land on main road Huttoft and the corner of Chapel Lane. The land was purchased for £44-8s-0d and the solicitors fee was £2-0s-6d. The purchase of this land was helped with a private donation of £12-10s-0d.

They received a tender from W. Robinson, a builder from Huttoft for £512 using plans drawn up by W F Atkin – architect to build the hall.

Huttoft Central Hall was dissolved on March 31st 2004 and was then known as Huttoft Village Hall. It became Charity registered and this enabled the Committee who run it to claim for fundraising to update the hall to its present state.

In it's heyday, dances were held regularly during the winter months and Ian Taylor Trio played there. Eric Brown on drums and Barry Bark on guitar with Ian Taylor playing the accordion.

The hall was used from time to time as a polling station as it still does to this day.

  • Village Hall Dance

    Village Hall Dance

  • Golden Jubilee Children's Party 2002

    Golden Jubilee Children's Party 2002

  • Harvest Supper

    Harvest Supper

  • Village Hall Dance

    Village Hall Dance